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Euro/Litas official exchange rate in Lithuania: 1 EUR = 3.45280 LTL                             

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Lithuanians increasingly tend to appreciate the convenience and simplicity of using leasing to acquire assets. Leasing will enable you to acquire a motor car of your choice simply and quickly without the need to wait until you have saved up enough money for that purpose.

Financial leasing is a lease transaction in which a leasing company acquires the asset selected by the client and grants the right to use the asset for a specified period of time during which, after full payment of the price of the asset and interest, the client becomes owner of the asset he/she rents.

Advantages offered by financial leasing:

  • simple and convenient way of financing;
  • the required asset can be acquired at the time it is needed, without waiting until there is sufficient money;
  • the asset can be used before the full price is paid;
  • the choice of an acceptable down payment, the term of the leasing contract, and the amount of payments allows optimal distribution of the flow of expenditures;
  • no pledge of property is required since the asset itself serves as a collateral;
  • upon expiration of the leasing contract, the client becomes the owner of the asset;

By choosing the service of Financial transport leasing with residual value (residual value is set by the Vendor of the property), the client pays lower monthly payments, as during the term of the leasing contract he does not pay the full value of the property, i.e. he does not pay the residual value. After the contract term expires, the client, upon paying the residual value of the property becomes the owner of the property, or in cases where the term of the contract has not expired, the liabilities are taken over by the new owner.

The advantages of leasing with residual value are as follows:

  • lower monthly payments;
  • the client paying monthly payments of the set amount may acquire a more expensive property.
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