Information for Investors (MiFID) | DNB

Requirements for investment services

Luminor Bank AB, a member of the international finance group, complies with all the requirements for the financial institutions to act honestly, fairly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients when providing investment services as per Directive 2014/65//EC of the European Parliament and the Council on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II). Luminor Bank AB has taken all reasonable steps designed to ensure the necessary investor protection and to avoid potential for conflicts of interest.

Luminor Bank AB kindly asks to read the documents provided herein below envisaged to ensure an honest, open and efficient relationship with the client when providing investment services.

 Policy for Execution of Orders (valid from 2018 01 03)
 Summary of Policy for Execution of Orders (valid from 2018 01 03)
 List of Execution Venues for Orders in Financial Instruments Available on DNB Trade Platform (valid from 2016 03 31)
 Conditions of Provision of Investment Services and Annexes Thereto (to be valid from 2018 02 08)
 Policy for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in Providing Investment Services (valid from 2018 01 03)
 Description of Financial Instruments and Related Risks (valid from 2018 01 03)
 Inducement Policy for Provision of Investment and Ancillary Services (valid from 2018 01 03).
 Information for investors before a meeting (valid from 2018 02 01)

For more details, please contact Markets Department, Konstitucijos ave. 21A, Vilnius, or call +370 5 239 3631.