Euro calculator

Euro/Litas official exchange rate in Lithuania: 1 EUR = 3.45280 LTL                             

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Payment Cards

Payment cards provide you with a safe and simple way for making payments. Payment cards make it easy to handle everyday money matters: to keep your earnings safe, to pay for goods and services, to withdraw money, and credit can be used for larger purchases. 


If your card is lost or stolen you can cancel it with one phone call and your money remains safe in your account. All payments have to be confirmed by your PIN code thus ensuring that you are the only one who can use your card. 

You always have money with you no matter where you are. You can see all your expenditures and income on your Internet Banking site and even check your account balance online, by SMS or at an ATM. 

No need to waste time looking for cash, queuing at an ATM or checking your change at the cash desk - you simply pay with your card.

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