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Car Leasing

Your own car gives you freedom. We in DNB are happy to help you purchase the car of your dreams.

Why choose car leasing?

Leasing terms

  In case you have purchased a new vehicle In case you have purchased a used vehicle
Down payment starting from 10 % of the vehicle price starting from 15 % of the vehicle price
Term of the financial lease up to 7 years up to 5 years (upon the expiry of the financial lease contract the vehicle must be no older than 10 years)

To get a Car Leasing is easy


Find the car

Find the car that makes your heart beat faster. Use the leasing calculator to find out what size your monthly instalments could be.


Complete application

Log-in to the internet bank, where you’ll be directed straight to the leasing application.


Sign the contract

You can sign the leasing contract at our office or at the car salon. For your convenience, we can also add Kasko offer.


Enjoy the ride!

Pay the first instalment and contract fee and the car is yours to use. And come back to us when another car has found a way to your heart.


Complete the application even if you are not our customer

You are not a DNB customer? Complete the application.

You will need the following documents:

  • A completed leasing application form
  • The sales offer of the car
  • ID or passport. ​If you’re married, come both of you
  • In case other documents are necessary, we’ll let you know

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Take the first step towards your new car

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