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Get road happy with DNB Car Loan and let us help you buy your new or used car.

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Sign the consumer loan agreement via Internet.


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Representative example, when applied via the mobile bank or internet
If you receive a 3000 Eur loan over a 5 year period, the total amount of your payment is 3691,56 Eur, monthly payment 61,64 Eur, and the total annual percentage rate 8,90 %. These calculations are carried out under the following assumptions: annual interest rate – 8 %, the loan is repaid with annuity method, the credit agreement fee is 0 Eur, minimum banking package fee 0,80 Eur/month.
Representative example, when applied via branch
Should we grant you a 3000 Eur consumer loan to acquire a car for a period of 5 years, the total amount to be repaid is 3717,64 Eur, a monthly installment of 61,66  Eur, and the total annual rate of the loan price is 9,37 %. The calculations were based on the following assumptions: an annual interest rate is 8.0 %, the loan is repaid based on the annuity method, the agreement conclusion fee is 30 Eur, and the minimum banking package fee 0,80 Eur/month.