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All children dream of becoming a pilot, a ballet dancer or even an Olympic medalist one day. If you act today, these dreams may actually become a reality. Choose the endowment insurance Child’s Dreams and provide your dreamer with the best opportunities.

Why choose the endowment insurance Child’s Dreams?

Insurance options

Study insurance –  you can save a guaranteed amount for your child for his/her studies, living expenses, etc.

You may also choose:

  • Scholarship insurance – at the same time, you can save for a scholarship for your child. This will be paid either as a lump sum or in monthly payments over a period of 4–6 years.
  • Scholarship and orphan’s pension insurance – you can save for a scholarship for your child, but in the event of the death of the parents (or guardians) within the coverage period, orphan’s benefit will be paid to the child until the expiry of the insurance term.
  • Additional coverage – accident insurance, loss of working capacity insurance, and critical illness insurance are also available.

It’s easy to start saving


Let’s meet

Visit your nearest DNB branch to discuss the endowment insurance Child’s Dreams.


Complete the application form

Fill in the insurance application and a personal health questionnaire. We may ask you for your consent to request a medical report from your doctor.


Sign the insurance contract

Sign the insurance policy and start saving for your child’s future.

Bring your ID documents

  • Please make sure you have an ID or passport with you.

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Save for your child’s future studies now

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The endowment insurance Child’s Dreams is provided by ERGO Life Insurance SE.
This product was formerly known as Study Insurance.