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Do you want to invest smaller or larger amounts for the future and potentially gain some earnings? We understand that each investor’s situation is specific, and that you might have different needs and risk tolerance; therefore, we offer a broad selection of investment instruments and financial consultations for you.


DNB equity fund of funds

DNB investicijų valdymas manages equity fund.

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Equity funds

Equity funds invest in shares of carefully selected companies in all the world. It is the long-term investment vehicle for individuals aiming for potentially higher return, hence capable of taking a high risk.

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Fixed or variable coupon debt securities issued by companies, Lithuanian or foreign governments.

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Bond funds

Bond funds invest in different maturity and risk government and corporate bonds and money market instruments. It is the medium and longer-term investment vehicle.

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Shares reflect ownership of various companies. It offers potentially higher returns with higher risk.

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ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

Provides an opportunity to invest in financial instruments in selected geographic region or sector (equities, bonds, commodities, indices). Their units are traded on the stock exchange in real time.

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Risk alert!

Investing involves risks. The value of the investment during the investment period may increase or decrease, and the return is not guaranteed. In certain cases the investor may lose the invested sum and loses may accumulate in excess of the initial investment.
This webpage contains only general information. Further information about DNB investment services, terms and conditions, price lists and the related risks can be found at here.