Standard banking packages | DNB
Daily package Active package Gold package
EUR 1.5 per month*EUR 3.50 per monthEUR 5.50 per month
Debit card Visa Debit+++
Credit card Visa Classic-++
Credit card Visa Gold--+
Bank account maintenance+++
Unlimited online transfer in euro to EEA countries+++
Unlimited online transfer in euro within bank +++
Unlimited online transfer in other currency within bank (when account no. starts with LTXX40100)+++
Unlimited crediting of funds in euro from EEA countries+++
Unlimited online payments for services+++
Unlimited online shopping at e-stores+++
Unlimited online payment of all-type e-invoices+++
Internet bank login tool (PIN,TAN codes)+++
Code generator-++
Unlimited cash-in operations at DNB ATMs+++
Cash withdrawal at DNB (in Lithuania, Latvia), Nordea (in Lithuania) and SEB Bankas (in Lithuania) ATM‘s without charge**up to EUR 550 per month up to EUR 1,500 per month unlimited
Fee charged in the case of exceeding the fee-free withdrawal limitEUR 0.4% of amount, min EUR 0.4 2 %N/A

*The fee of 1 EUR per month is applied if you make at least 15 monthly payments with the payment card under the banking package starting from the effective date of that package.
**Total withdrawal amount for all cards included in the package. Cash withdrawal cannot exceed the overall daily limit set to a particular payment card.

Active package cards of your choice - 1 Visa Classic and up to 2 Visa Debit or up to 3 Visa Debit .
Gold package cards of your choice - 1 Visa Gold and up to 2 Visa Debit or up to 2 Visa Classic and 1 Visa Debit.

Payment cards with no issue fee if ordered to be sent by mail. Cards collected at the bank’s branch are charged. Fee is also applied if the customer had specified to the bank that the card will be collected at the bank’s outlet but afterwards requested to send it by mail.

The package fee and fee charged in the case of exceeding the fee-free withdrawal limit are deducted by the 6th day of the next month.
Code generator with no extra charge if the package is held for 12 months and longer.

EEA – European Economic Area. Payments and credit transfers should comply with SEPA requirements, i.e. Luminor Bank AB SWIFT (BIC) code and the beneficiary’s account number in IBAN format have to be specified correctly.

The package fee is applied for a calendar month irrespective of the booking date, therefore we recommend ordering the banking package at the beginning of the month.