Technical home and roadside assistance 24/7 | DNB

Only with our credit card you will receive technical assistance 24/7 whether you are at home or on the go. Just call the team on 1810.

Technical assistance benefits

How it works:


Call us

If you have a Visa Gold or Visa Classic card, just call us free on 1810 to receive technical assistance.


If you do not have credit card

If you do not have a credit card, please complete the application form.


You are not a "Luminor" customer?

Become a customer!

You will receive a technical help with your credit card

  • We will help you wherever you are in the country
  • If you’ve had an accident at home, we’ll arrive ready to help you on the address shown in the contract
  • Call us on 1810 (0.58 Eur/min) or +370 5 264 4020 or 9 618 18 100
  • Our partner Altas assistance will help you

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Total reassurance with credit card of our bank

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